Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


As part of our testing and quality assurance service we help our clients define test strategy, plan the entire testing process and execute test strategy. We have years of experience in executing testing activities for large transformational and business critical projects. We employ the best in class testing processes and latest technology to achieve maximum efficiency in your testing project. Our expertise is to achieve maximum test coverage with minimum resources while at the same time minimizing the project risk

Our Process

Test planning and organization

– Define test tasks and test objectives

– Define entry and exit criteria

– Divide tasks and assign responsibilities

– Define the risk and contingencies

– Define the test quality monitoring and reporting metrics

Test strategy

– Create test strategies according to your test objectives, organization maturity, resource skills, project risks and business requirements

– We utilize various analytical, model-based and experience based approached to define the test strategies

Test case design

– Create test conditions and tests scenarios

– Ensure maximum test coverage by utilising various test design techniques such as structural, black and white box testing, boundary value analysis, statement coverage

Test reporting

– Create detailed reporting for the management

– Summary of results, defect clustering analysis, variances

Test automation

– Identify the areas and functionalities to automate

– Determine the technologies or test frameworks to use

– Decide on the level of automation according to test team maturity and organizational strengths

Our Advantages

  • Extensive experience executing end-to-end testing tracks
  • Experience with testing tools, test case design and strategy definition
  • Extensive experience in Test automation
  • Experience testing the large financial products

Client Advantages

  • High test coverage, Low cost and quick execution
  • Scientific and methodological approach to testing
  • Our detailed analysis and reports help in decision making regarding the quality of product
  • Achieve high degree of test automation